Answers to some common questions can be found in the consignor agreement which can be found here. 

Can I get my items back that don’t sell?
If consignor would like items back that do not sell:
  • Email us a MINIMUM of 1 week BEFORE the expiration date.
  • Once the items are pulled you will receive an email.  You will have 7 calendar days to pick up from:

Warm Wick - 3732 Prairie Ave, Brookfield, IL 60513.  If items are NOT picked up within 7 calendar days from the date of email, items will be forfeited to the shop and your consignor account will be charged $10.00 for a pulling fee.  If there is not enough credit in the consignor account, consignor will not be able to consign again until fee is paid 

Forfeited items will be donated or sold at the discretion of Charlie & Grace. 

How do I get paid for items that sold?
Consignors can pick up a check on Mondays in Warm Wick or request a Paypal 

transfer via email to: cg.downers@gmail.com.  Paypal transfer requests can take up to 5 business days to be processed.

Can I use consignor credit for online purchases?
Unfortunately no, with the new Shopify online store consignors will need to request via email a Shopify gift card to be emailed so that it can be used in the online store. Please allow 3 business days for gift cards to be emailed. 

Can I get items back that aren’t accepted?
No, per the consignor agreement any items that are not accepted are automatically donate or sent to textile recycling.

Do I need an appointment to consign?  
Appointments are not needed. First time consignors will need to come in Mondays.  Tam can review on the spot only for first time consignors on Mondays.

What items are NOT accepted?
Books, equipment, bedding, toys (American Girl dolls are an acception)

Do you buy children’s clothes?

We do not buy outright, we are consignment.